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Boat Covers

Our boat covers are tailor made specifically for your boat. Opposed to the "generic boat cover" our covers will fit perfect every time you use it. The custom boat covers will keep your boat protected against the elements to keep your boat in tip top shape for many years.  Not only do they protect your boat but with the availability to select your own fabric and colour, the covers can match your style needs. Call or come in today for a free quote!

Tent Trailer - Leisure Vehicle Repair and Alterations

Have a tent trailer that needs repair or restoration? Alliance has over 25 years experience in repairing and restoring tent trailers and other leisure vehicles. From re-upholstery to repairing that unsightly rip or tear, Alliance has you covered. We can restore your trailer from top to bottom giving it a brand new fresh look.  We aren't just limited to repair, we can also make alterations! If your dream is to have awning or an enclosure connected to your trailer, Alliance can do it.  Just know that there's no limits to what we can do for you and your trailer. Stop by or call in for a free quote!

Industrial Bags

Does your business require custom bags? Alliance can custom make any type of bag to suit your company's needs. Our bags our made from the highest quality of materials and they're built strong to last long.  If designs an issue, Alliance will work with your company to design a bag that will work with your needs. Feel free to contact us for more details and a free quote. 

Wall Tents - Manufacturing and Repair

Are you no stranger to the outdoors? Alliance can outfit you with a well manufactured Wall Tent to suit your needs. Also our Wall Tents come fully equipped to be able to handle wood burning furnaces. Our custom wall tents have been used for various activities like fishing, hunting, adventures, and the private sector.  The private sector includes companies that require needs to be met in the roughest of terrains, in example Alberta Forestry. Whether you're an adventurer or your looking to supply your employees with high quality Wall Tents, Alliance is available to help.  Contact us to better equip your outdoor needs.

Miscellaneous - Manufacturing and Repair

As you can see there is a wide variety products we can create to meet your needs. From Boat covers to trampoline repairs, re-upholstery to winter fronts, there truly is no limit to the creative solutions we can do for you.  Listed below is will be a brief overview other common products we do. Just remember though, if your problem is uncommon we pride ourselves in coming up with creative solutions. 

  • Tarps- We can create the perfect tarp to cover your truck or trailer. We pride ourselves on providing a high quality tarp at a fair price

  • Upholstery-  If your seats and upholstery are looking worn out and over used there is a simple solution. Alliance can work with you to pick the perfect material and colour to have your seats and upholstery looking better then new. 

  • Covers-  Remember we don't just do boat covers! We can design and manufacture many different types of covers to suit your needs.

  • Winter Fronts- We all know how cold January can get right? A winter front on your big rig will keep your engine running warm and help reduce maintenance costs. The winter fronts are custom made to fit right. 

  • Trampoline Repairs- If your trampoline has given up one too many bounces, come see us and see how it may not be the end for your trampoline. 

  • Fabric and Supplies-  For the hobby enthusiast and the do-it-yourself type people, we also act as direct retailer and can supply you with a plethora of products at competitive prices.  Come see our showroom and flip through the wide range of products we have available!

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